Road ID

For all my friends who run, bike, hike, swim, basically any sport that puts you at risk of danger and alone needs a Road ID. This tool is simply a bracelet with your emergency information on it to allow emergency personnel to know more about you and who to contact.

Get yours here:

This is the one tool that you hope you never have to use but could save your life if you do.


My Laugh For The Day



I receive calls on a weekly basis from instructors that want to teach in our facility. My first question is always, “What certification do you have?” Here are some responses that I have received lately:

I’m not certified but I have a pool in my backyard (regarding teaching a water aerobics class.)

I don’t have a certification but I’ve gone to a lot of spin classes (regarding teaching a cycling class.)

I have the DVDs (from an instructor wanting to teach Zumba®)


Here’s why this is amusing to me:

I’ve got a first aid kit.

I’ve gone to the doctor quite a few times in my life.

I’ve watched Scrubs on a semi-regular basis.

Would you let me operate on you?

Just putting it out there.

10 Minute Office Workout*

Sitting at a desk can do major damage to our bodies. Close your door and try this quick total body workout to help break up the monotony of your work day.

Do as many rounds of the following as you can in 10 minutes (computer timer :

10 chair squats (description-start in a seated position with feet shoulder width apart and stand up as tall as you can.)

10 jumping jacks

10 desk/wall pushups (description- place your hands on the edge of your desk or against the wall and bend your elbows to perform a pushup motion.)

10 seated back extensions (description- sitting in your chair with your feet on the ground, lean forward trying to maintain a flat back, then slowly sit tall.)

*Before beginning any new exercise/conditioning program you should consult your physician, physical therapist, athletic trainer or strength and conditioning coach. If you have musculoskeletal problems it is extremely important to check with your physician to make sure the program will not aggravate those problems.

Getting The Most Out of Unmotivated Clients

I have found that with 5 simple steps you can transform unmotivated clients into successful self-driven clients.

Establish Communication on Day 1

There is a fine line that you must walk on the first day you train a client. Designing an “easy” workout is a surefire way to gain a client that will complain if you challenge them in the future. A workout that is too difficult will have them fleeing the fitness facility before you are done explaining the exercises. The way to solve this problem is to receive constant feedback before, during, and after the workout. This allows the client to understand that at times you may push them but that you are aware of the level that they are working. I always tell my clients that they can cuss, complain, or hate me… as long as they are moving.

Give Them a Road Map

I typically meet with my clients 2-3 times/week for about an hour. This leaves either 165 or 166 hours in the week that they aren’t sure what to “do.” I provide my clients with what I call a “road map,” this is simply a plan for them to execute on days that they do not meet with me. It may be traditional cardiovascular exercises, group exercise classes, or additional workouts written by me. This “road map” approach will help hold them accountable and allow them to build up momentum for a lifestyle change.

Team Up

Pairing your skills with the skills of other health professionals is a great way to make sure every approach to motivation is covered. Every individual responds differently to who they are working with. For example, If I tell my client that they look like their clothes are fitting better they may assume that I am just saying that to encourage them. But if another trainer, registered dietitian, or gym member tells them that they are looking great it has a different effect. If another health professional comments to you about your clients achievements simply ask that professional to let your client know how well they are doing.

Manage Their Expectations

Do not let clients get discouraged. Remind them that getting out of shape took more than 6-8 weeks and it will take longer than 6-8 weeks to get back into shape. Make sure that they realize that not all health changes are external and weight related. Focus on the way that they feel, the way that their clothes fit, and the new things that they can now accomplish.

Change Their Mindset Through Mini Goals

If you can set mini goals for your client and make sure that they reach these goals on a daily or weekly basis you are setting them up for success. It is amazing the snowball effect that success can have; you can be the catalyst for their success.


If you have carried out these 5 steps with your client then the following is in place:

Open communication between the client and yourself.

A long-term plan or  “road map” is established.

A supportive team of health professionals is encouraging your client.

Your client has realistic expectations that you are continually managing.

Your client is accomplishing mini goals on a daily/weekly basis to establish momentum for a lifestyle change.

Education and Motivation

Why are fitness professionals needed?

1) People do not understand how their body works.

The question that spurred this post was, “Which machine can I do to get in shape?” After asking a few other questions I realized that this member was really looking for 1 machine and 1 machine only. So…I took her to our functional trainer and started showing her a series of exercises that she could begin with. She looked at me quizzically and said, “No, I just want one exercise for my whole body.”

We, as fitness professionals, are not only trained to push clients but we are here to educate clients. It is shocking to me at times that people can tell me every fact about their favorite T.V. show but have no understanding of how their body works. It is our job to educate and teach basic concepts to help our clients become more self-sufficient at exercise and why we ask them to perform certain movements. Are you just training or are you educating as well?

2) People cannot motivate themselves.

If left to our own devices, there is a large population of people that would simply choose not to exercise. Fitness facilities and professionals do a great job of making “fit” people more “fit.” But we seem to miss the boat on making “unfit” people active. What solutions do you use to motivate and captivate a client that wouldn’t normally work out?

3) People are not familiar with the tools we use for fitness.

With a constant increase in fitness equipment our world is ever-changing. As and active fitness professional it is tough to keep up. How can I expect my clients to know how to properly use the newest equipment?

Based on these common issues, I think that ultimately it comes down to our ability to educate and motivate any individual that seeks our services. It’s often intimidating for beginning exercisers and you may be able to gain a long-term client through educating and motivating them begin.

Playing with The Potential to Add Some Video Routines

Just testing out some video to see if I like the setup before I start producing some full fledge online workouts.

This is just a test video but please remember:

All exercises and other forms of physical activity can be dangerous, especially if performed without medical advice, proper supervision and/or pre-exercise evaluation. Always consult your physician or health care professional before performing any exercise, especially if you have any chronic or recurring condition, and/or if you are pregnant, nursing, or elderly. All exercises you perform you perform at your own responsibility and at your own risk.

Back Again

It’s been almost 3 months since we opened our new facility and I am just getting the chance to blog again. We were hoping to have 400 or so members this first year…I am happy to say that as of today we are 3 members shy of 1200. I have been running crazy training new clients, teaching our members how to effectively use our equipment, and teaching 12-15 groups exercise classes a week. I sleep well at night. I am planning on spending some more time posting as things start to level out and fall into a set routine.

Hope all of you have been doing well these past few months and I can’t wait to re-build my presence through this blog.


Movie Star

First, Happy Valentine’s day to everyone! This afternoon we are shooting a promotional “commercial” for our new Faucett Brothers Center. We will be showcasing the building and amenities in a short and exciting video. In my portion of the video I will be showcasing our cardio room, weight room, spin studio with a simulated adult class, and our group exercise studio with a simulated youth class. This is the first chance that a portion of the public will have to see our facility by participating in the video. The video will be the first media besides still photographs of the center. I will post pictures from the shoot and the final video when I can.

Multimedia Coming Soon

When I initially started this blog I was going to take a back seat approach and focus on workouts and fitness topics that I come across. However, I’ve decided that I want to get more involved and allow you to have a viewpoint into my life and have a face to put with the articles that I post. After some digging I found my old Snapp HD camera; This will allow me to provide some video and original pictures of me and what I am up to.


This camera will be a starting place for me so bear with me as I figure out what settings and features work best for use on this blog. I look forward to being able to provide more interesting content and relating to my readers on a more personal level!